The ultimate goal is to make the port of Torre Annunziata greener and greener: a plant is being built to autonomously produce clean energy from photovoltaic sources, combining the reduction of consumption costs to the preservation of the environment.



The technological innovations of SOLACEM S.p.a., dictated by the attention of management to the environmental issues and safety, not only affect the efficiency of the machinery in order to optimize time and consumption, but also to reduce the continuously monitored environmental impact and pollution. Attention is also paid to the surrounding environment with equipment which mitigate noise pollution and dust dispersion into the atmosphere, through a dedusting hopper, both at the landing and the return of goods, to decrease the dispersion of dust, which might annoy the civil population in the surrounding areas. In order to do so, the company has equipped itself with a sophisticated system to reduce dust at the quay, used when delivering grain and flour from the Levante's quay. The most sophisticated control instruments are present in the company both for the safety of employees and goods.

Registered office

Via Mergellina, 2
80122 Napoli


Molo di Levante, Interno porto
80058 Torre Annunziata (NA)


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REA - NA 249295
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